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The Value of Quality Supplements

If your nutritional supplements are lacking quality, what value do they really have for your body?

We believe that quality is the most important factor in choosing a vitamin or supplement. Let's take a simple example like a vitamin deficiency in B12. The main priority is to get a b12 supplement and take the dose your doctor recommends. Now what if you choose the supplement with the right dose but the label is misrepresenting the ingredients? You won't know until your level is re-chcked. 

That is simple enough and cane remedied but what if the supplement you choose is contaminated with something toxic like heavy metals or dyes? What if it has fillers that you could be reacting to?  You might be getting some b12 but you might also be getting a lot of other unwanted contamination. 

This is one big reason we put Quality first. 

How do we know that our products have accurate labels, and free of toxins harmful fillers?

Guided by Data

Vitamins and supplements have limited regulation to ensure contaminates are present but some companies lead the way in quality assurance by offering multiple data sets to ensure quality. These companies go above and beyond what is required and lead the way and removing: 

  • allergens
  • contaminants
  • harmful microbes
  • heavy metals
  • pesticides
  • solvents
  • molds

You can read more about Thorne and some of the other companies here

Not New to Vitamins and Supplements

The companies that we use have been around for over 15 years (this is how long we have personally used them). Compare this to some brands that just started or have little to no track record. 

Absorption and Potency

It is one thing to not have contamination in your vitamins and supplements but is it in a delivery form that your digestive tract cannot absorb?  Can it get into the blood and body?

The companies here do rigor testing on absorption and the bio-availably of the supplements it produces. This ensure the nutrients you need can get deliver to the cells of your body.